Madvillain Ascends from the Murky Depths to Make Rare Live Appearance at We The People Festival

Does Madvillain still exist? Sure hasn’t seemed like it lately. Ever since putting out 2004’s classic Madvillainy (TMT Review), the duo of DOOM and Madlib have kept pretty quiet. There’s been little word on a sophomore album; Madlib’s full-length remix of the debut came and went without notice; and both sides of the duo have been busy with other projects. If Madvillain simply disappeared forever, it wouldn’t be that surprising.

Yet out of nowhere, the duo has announced a show in Los Angeles at the We The People Festival on November 21. Details for the show itself are scarce, so it is unknown whether both DOOM and Madlib will be there. And considering that DOOM is known to use impersonators behind his mask in his live performances, there’s a lot of ambiguity around what the performance will actually be like. Still, the prospect of hearing all the classic Madvillainy jams is pretty exciting. “Accordion!" “America’s Most Blunted!" Yep, all your favorites!

[Photo: Eric Coleman]

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