Mark McGuire releasing new album Get Lost, denounces groupies; Emeralds tour Europe

Mark McGuire releasing new album Get Lost, denounces groupies; Emeralds tour Europe

Every time I look up these days, Emeralds and/or Mark McGuire are readying yet another charitable dose of their own unique brand of ambient/drone sweetness. Last year, both Emeralds and McGuire debuted releases on Editions Mego, and on September 27, McGuire will be following up with his second album on said label, Get Lost. No, I won’t get lost Mr. McGuire, but I will be dutifully marking down your album for future purchase (yes, purchase).

Get Lost comes amid something of a hiatus for Emeralds themselves, despite the European tour that they’ll embark on in September. In an interview with Exclaim!, McGuire states unequivocally, “We don’t want to just rush something out to one-up that record or get something out where people are, ‘Well, this isn’t as good as the last one.’ We want people to still digest Does It Look Like I’m Here? (TMT Review) for a while, and we really think about what we want to say next. I think it’s going to be really, really sick when it happens, but I can’t really guarantee when that’s going to be.”

So, who knows. Until that time comes, I’m sure we’ll be more than satisfied with whatever ambient riff-scapade McGuire takes us on in a month from now.

Get Lost tracklisting:

01. Get Lost
02. When You’re Somewhere
03. Alma
04. Another Dead End
05. Alma (Reprise) / Chances Are
06. Firefly Constellations

Emeralds dates:

09.06.11 - Vienna, Austria - Rhiz
09.07.11 - Graz, Austria - Stadtpark
09.08.11 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Kino Siska
09.09.11 - Bratislava, Slovakia - A4
09.10.11 - Venice, Italy - San Giuliano Park (Venetian Industries Festival)
09.11.11 - Isle of Wight, UK - Bestival
09.13.11 - Faenza, Italy - Clandestino
09.14.11 - Rome, Italy - Circolo degli Artisti
09.15.11 - Pisa, Italy - Circolo Caracol
09.16.11 - Torino, Italy - MITO Festival
09.17.11 - Parma, Italy - Parco Civico
09.19.11 - Madrid, Spain - Charada
09.20.11 - Santiago de Compostela, Spain - Cidade de Cultura
09.21.11 - Barcelona, Spain - Apollo 2
09.22.11 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
09.23.11 - Stavanger, Norway - NuMusic Festival
09.24.11 - Dublin, Ireland - Whelan’s
09.25.11 - London, UK - Union Chapel
09.30.11 - Athens, Greece - Bios
10.01.11 - Prague, Czech Republic - Radio Wave Stimul Festival

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