Mark Trecka shares sprawling exclusive side from forthcoming album, out THIS FRIDAY on Bluesanct’s sister label Orphanology

Mark Trecka shares sprawling exclusive side from forthcoming album, out THIS FRIDAY on Bluesanct’s sister label Orphanology
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The term “sprawl” is normally used in a negative connotation, usually in connection to the suburban outgrowth practice “urban sprawl.” Although some planners with vision are trying to shape the landscape for the better, negotiating city expansion with care and responsibility for the environment, wildlife, farm life, traffic, and health/social impacts, they are few, and the tendency for more and more out-city development is mostly seen as a detrimental inevitability and a meandering mess.

When it comes to music, though, “sprawl” has more positive over-and-undertones. Many of the beloved artists featured regularly on this site are masters of gorgeous sprawling pieces (and strong meandering messes) and few do it better than Hudson Valley, NY composer/writer/artist Mark Trecka, who uses sprawl to his advantage, even in contained shorter tracks. Trecka has recorded with many others and under many guises (Pillars and Tongues, Dark Dark Dark, Drekka) but he will release his first full-length album under his own name on April 26. Today, Trecka shares one of his delectable courses from the heady feast that is Everything Falling Crosses Over EXCLUSIVELY for you all to enjoy!

Yes, Everything Falling Crosses Over is out THIS FRIDAY on Bluesanct’s sister label Orphanology, and we are proud to present the multi-part, protracted purple patch “First / Kicking / Form” here today. And it just so happens to be a longform sprawl lit by a cacophony of tinkling sounds, murmurs, and goosepimply baritone vocals that is textbook Trecka.

Everything Falling Crosses Over comes three ways — limited cassette, digital, and as a truly inspired Marshall LaCount-designed t-shirt (with an album download code on the shirt!) — and it can be pre-ordered here now.

Trecka will also appear at the Basilica Hudson/Le Guess Who?-presented 24-Hour Drone this Saturday, where he will be performing a set near the end of the fest, using material culled from field recordings and loop cuts sourced ON SITE prior to his show. The Drone is always a rewarding, special thing, so if you happen to be in the vicinity of “Brooklyn north” this weekend, sprawl on by and check it out…

Everything Falling Crosses Over tracklisting:

Side A
01. First / Kicking / Form

Side B
01. Sheep Ranch
02. You, road / home + Taos crow death signal + Sonoran bats, 11 Oct 2015
03. The Wrestled to Regard

Trecka treks:

04.27.19 - Hudson, NY - Basilica Hudson (24-Hour Drone)
05.03.18 - Catskill, NY - HiLo (w/ Chris Corsano)
06.15.18 - Beacon, NY - Howland Cultural Center (w/ Ikue Mori)

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