Matthew Shipp and Barbara Januszkiewicz start Kickstarter for avant-garde film project

Matthew Shipp and Barbara Januszkiewicz start Kickstarter for avant-garde film project

Free jazz pianist, composer, and upstanding citizen Matthew Shipp has recently announced an exciting collaboration with multimedia artist and avant-garde filmmaker Barbara Januszkiewicz. Having already wowed us this year with his monumental double-disc release, The Art of the Improviser (TMT Review), Shipp has decided to further his ever-evolving craft with a new and challenging endeavor in avant-garde filmmaking and composition.

A fitting partnership between two boundary-breaking risk-takers, the film, titled The Composer, is advertised by the duet as a “unique fusion of artistic vision” and that it “can be described as witnessing creative vision, an inspirational moment with the piano. And not any piano but a Fazioli.” The film is predicted to be approximately 45 minutes in length and feature the relationship between Shipp and his instrument, the piano.

So when will you see/hear/feel/love/stick your dick in this thing? Well, that’s up to you. The artists have set up a Kickstarter page to acquire the necessary funding for the project. Pledges will fund travel expenses, equipment, post production, music, editing assistance, sound mixing, graphic design, fees for showcases work, etc. For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, the web site allows artists to set up fundraisers for creative projects. The catch is, to avoid risks for both artists and benefactors, the system is all or nothing. The financial goal is met by the deadline, or no one is charged, and the project dies. It DIES. So pitch in.

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