Drag City and Yoga Records unearth lost synth gem with reissue of Matthew Young’s debut album Recurring Dreams

Drag City and Yoga Records unearth lost synth gem with reissue of Matthew Young's debut album Recurring Dreams

It’s often tempting to scorn 80s synth music wholesale; at times it feels like those cheesy tones and plinky-plonky drum beats were used simply because the technology was there. Then the good folks at Drag City and Yoga Records come along and prove you’re a twat who hasn’t even begun to plumb the depths of private-press synth music, just by pushing a slab of mind-melting vinyl across the table and whispering, “Have you ever heard Matthew Young’s debut album, man?”

Come July 22 you will have a chance to atone for your hitherto-ignorant lack of appreciation for home-recorded synth records when the aforementioned Drag City/Yoga reissue cult icon Matthew Young’s debut album Recurring Dreams.

Recurring Dreams is the ultra-obscure precursor to Young’s classic (yet still pretty obscure in its own right) Traveler’s Advisory album, which together make up the entirety of this synth-wizard’s oeuvre.

Far from ham-fisted slabs of available technology, Matthew Young proves with Recurring Dreams that there were early proponents of synth music who applied light touches and subtle twiddles of the knobs to create far-out meditative jams bordering on the aural equivalent of religious sermons. Listeners, repent!

Recurring Dreams tracklist:

01. Mistral
02. First Blood
03. No Reason
04. Recurring Dream
05. Version Inversion
06. Late Poets
07. The Forest of Lilacs
08. Night Music

• Matthew Young: http://matthewyoung.bandcamp.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com
• Yoga: http://yogarecords.com

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