Memoryhouse fulfill your dreams, announce February release date for debut dream-pop LP

Memoryhouse fulfill your dreams, announce February release date for debut dream-pop LP

Face it. Your brain can’t take anymore reality-based anything. What, with the reality television, the all-too-real 3D movies, and the fact that you find yourself (against your will or not) firmly planted in this here disintegrating world, it’s high time for something more… ethereal, more out-there, more dreamy, and at the same time poppy. ‘Cause it’s hard to ignore, dude, we could all use a lot more chill-out time.

Stepping in from the Ontario frost comes Memoryhouse to offer relief that feels like a warm bubble bath (minus the wrinkly raisin skin). After the home-recorded release of their EP The Years, followed by the much-talked-about 2011 version, many were left shivering, surrounded only by the harshness of real life, as word of a full-length was yet to come. Finally, you’ll get what you all wanted. The band signed to Sub Pop and has their debut album slated for February 28. Something inside you just tingled, didn’t it?

Entitled The Slideshow Effect the title refers back to their utter dreaminess, err, by that I mean it harkens back to their roots. The duo of composer Evan Abeele and photographer Denise Nouvion started out as a multimedia art project and just grew into something that will force itself upon you without you even realizing it. After all, it’s addictive and addictions are sneaky little buggers. Go on and get yer fix below by watching Memoryhouse perform live.

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