Anthology Recordings honors the also-rans of 70s FM radio, announces folk/rock compilation

Anthology Recordings honors the also-rans of 70s FM radio, announces folk/rock compilation

Everything old is new again…except radio, which seems to occupy this weird space that’s simultaneously old as hell in technological terms and tremendously resistant to being totally replaced. Although the Buggles were loosely correct about “video kill[ing] the radio star” back in 1979, they neglected to acknowledge the extent to which people post-millennium sooo value both nostalgia and the inseparable nature of cars and station surfing. Like that comforting childhood “blankee” that we still can’t bring ourselves to get rid of, radio remains — and yet a lot of us still have a fuzzy feeling about it!

Those who came of age during the 60s in 70s might know the feeling better than most. And boy, even if you didn’t, Mexican Summer’s reissue imprint Anthology Recordings has a compilation upcoming that’s sure to make you recollect summer road trips and fondue parties riddled with sexual tension as if you’d actually been there.

Sad About The Times is the name of the release out May 17, and it’s a 21-track collection of 70s radio songs that paradoxically had a difficult time getting enumerated on DJ playlists back then. You won’t find a household name among the artists featured, but the music for sure captures the FM spirit of America’s far-est out-est decade.

21st century Skepticism!??!? Pssssht. Have a listen to the track “Illusion” by Norma Tanega below. And then, pre-order the album here.

Sad About The Times tracklisting:

01. West - Sad About The Times
02. Hollins Ferry - Lonely City
03. Randy & The Goats - N.Y. Survivor
04. Willow - Loaves And Fishes
05. Art Lown - Deep Blue Sea
06. Jode - Tomorrow Is Gone
07. Norma Tanega - Illusion
08. Perth County - If You Can Want
09. David Chalmers - Hotel Room
10. Jim Spencer - Another Lonely Day
11. Hoover - Absolute Zero
12. Space Opera - Holy River
13. Roger Rodier - Am I Supposed To Let It By Again (Above The Covers)
14. Emmett Finley - Paula’s Song
15. Sky - Sing For Me
16. The Smubbs - The Running Water
17. Oliver Klaus - Here Comes The Sun
18. Antonia Lamb - Wolf
19. Kevin Vicalvi - Lover Now Alone
20. Boz Metzdorf - Sails Across The Sea
21. Dennis Stoner - Maybe Someday / Maybe Never

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