Mexican Summer reissues three Lansing-Dreiden releases on crisp shiny new vinyl records

Mexican Summer reissues three Lansing-Dreiden releases on crisp shiny new vinyl records

Lansing-Dreiden, the enigmatic early 2000s NY band and first result you get when typing “Lansing Dr—” into Google, (just above “Lansing drug bust” and “Lansing dry cleaners”! Congrats!) are getting their reissue on. The good people at Mexican Summer are dusting off three releases from the group, slapping ‘em onto wax, and garlanding them with “new unreleased material.” 2003’s self-released The Incomplete Triangle, 2004’s self-released EP A Sectioned Beam, and the 2006 Kemado LP The Dividing Island are all due for the Nerd Becomes Sexy Hot Girl High School Makeover treatment. Not that I’m calling anyone a nerd here. You’re all sexy hot high school girls in my book. Anyway, whatever. It all comes out on April 9 in the US and April 22 in the UK BECAUSE YOU JUST GOTTA WAIT, OK?

The sorely under-appreciated Lansing-Dreiden are a favorite of the similarly-veined Ariel Pink, Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear, and Lilys’ Kurt Heasley, who said, “The Incomplete Triangle was played in our house every day for over a year. It somehow made the war in Iraq more understandable.” Good times, right? The early 2000s. The Iraq War. Dick Cheney. Some things (like all of the above) shouldn’t be forgotten because they’re horrible. Some things (like Lansing-Dreiden) shouldn’t be forgotten because THEY’RE AWESOME.

And so hats off to you, Mexican Summer, for remastering these releases, doing the bonus material shuffle, and getting these thangs put on vinyl for the first time ever. You can check out the official single for The Incomplete Triangle, a little number called “Metal on a Gun” right here:

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