It’s time for a family discussion; Mexican Summer releasing new Ashrae Fax LP on August 25

It's time for a family discussion; Mexican Summer releasing new Ashrae Fax LP on August 25

Yes, parents, it’s hard. But draw a deep breath, maybe have a shot of whiskey, and sit Junior down. It’s time to talk to your kids about Ashrae Fax.

Your kids may be hearing a lot of misinformation about Ashrae Fax from their friends at art school. Maybe they think that Ashrae Fax are a forgotten Projekt Records band from the late-80s or a super-secret Liz Fraser side project. No. These things are wrong. Ashrae Fax are a band from NOW who started THEN (late-90s/early-00s) but were rediscovered only RECENTLY. But really, the most important thing to tell your child is that they are wonderful.

And now, the facts. Mexican Summer reissued Ashrae Fax’s 2003 release Static Crash! a year ago. Yet vocalist Renée Mendoza Haran and producer/guitarist Alex Chesney had been creating dark, swirling, lovely music well before then, back even to the late-90s, and now Mexican Summer is dusting off some of those early unfinished tunes for the release of Never Really Been Into It, which hits stores on August 25. (They have now been finished. Mendoza spruced ‘em up in her home studio, where she re-recorded them over five months in 2013. Listen to one of those tracks, “CHKN,” below.) In sum, there’s never been a better chance to share with your kids the importance of saving all the dusty minidisc recordings of their first band, no matter what.

Never Really Been Into It tracklisting:

01. Dreamers Tied to Chairs
02. CHKN
03. The Big Lie
04. Fits and Starts
05. Decaax
06. Hurricanes in a Jar
07. You Make Me Question My Mind (in a thousand words about time)
08. Intexus
09. Seconds Chances
10. In Motion

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