MF DOOM reissues Operation: Doomsday for a second time. Guess he still didn’t notice the giant “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner.

MF DOOM reissues Operation: Doomsday for a second time. Guess he still didn't notice the giant "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner.

Take notice, suckers! Veteranish rap-hop super-stay MF DOOM (a.k.a. DOOM, a.k.a. Doctor Doom a.k.a. Vince Vaughn, a.k.a. KMFDM, a.k.a. King Dorah the Explorah, a.k.a. Milton Finklebottom Dumenshireford) is all about never doing the same thing twice! Why? Because doing stuff twice is mega hella magna-cum-laude lame! And in today’s keep-swimming-or-don’t Music Industry, only the poseouts and the selleurs would dare redo something once it was done once already. Especially if it was done right. Which, if they were DOOM in the first damn place, it would have been.

Doing the same thing three times, however… I mean, that’s just totally different. Three is a totally different number than two is, you know? See, case in point, Prefix says that DOOM is remastering and reissuing his 1999 debut Operation: Doomsday on some “Gun Metal colored” vinyl on April 9 via his own imprint, Metal Face. “Hey, Nobodaddy, didn’t Stones Throw reissue that record last year on 2 CDs in a snazzy lunchbox thing and 4 LPs in a crappy PiL Metal Box canister?” Yes, but see, that was lame of them. This one is the third release of the album (and also isn’t on freaking CDs, which, duh, no one likes anymore!), and as such, it’s going to rule. It’s kinda like the that whole “Law of Threes” thing about celebrity deaths, you know? At least, in so far as the number three is mentioned in both situations. Which seems good enough for me. Probably good enough for PF CHANG or whatever his name is too.

Operation: Doomsday V. 3.0 tracklisting:

01. The Time We Faced Doom (Skit)
02. Doomsday
03. Rhymes Like Dimes (ft. DJ Cucumber Slice)
04. The Finest (ft. Tommy Gunn)
05. Back in the Days (Skit)
06. Go with the Flow
07. Tick, Tick… (ft. MF Grimm)
08. Red & Gold (ft. King Geedorah)
09. The Hands of Doom
10. Who You Think I Am? (ft. M.I.C.)
11. Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit)
12. Hey!
13. Greenbacks (ft. Megalon & King Geedorah)
14. The M.I.C.
15. The Mystery of Doom (Skit)
16. Dead Bent
17. Gas Drawls
18. ? (ft. Kurious Jorge)
19. Hero vs. Villain (Epilogue)

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