Mia Doi Todd to Release Instrumental LP About Birds

The mercurial Mia Doi Todd (whose name is rather hard to say after a few drinks I discovered) will be going a different direction from her normal lush and haunting folk: completely instrumental. Given the rich compositions demonstrated on her earlier releases and her BFF opportunities with Dungen, Morning Music promises to be a layered listen.

Without turning this article into an itemized grocery list, it's interesting to note that Mia will be toolin' around with "drum, harmonium, piano, tin whistle, tamboura, acoustic guitar, and bongos," while collaborator Andres Renteria will take over "cajon, piano, wooden stool and udu" duties. Sounds like the hippie shit to me, but MDT consistently adds a foreboding tone to make each song daring and delicious, so I'm not worried.

Morning Music arrives April 14 on City Zen.

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