Michael Pisaro announces a new album on Gravity Wave, so shut up about these reunions

Michael Pisaro announces a new album on Gravity Wave, so shut up about these reunions

Alright, if you nerds are done pissing your panties over all these goddamned indie rock reunions (I can recall a time when indie rock was well-off enough to not give a fuck whether At the Drive-In was a band or not), then I’ll give you some news worthwhile (and I’d like to note that the fIREHOSE reunion is exempt from my criticisms of reunions). It has come to our attention that guitarist and composer Michael Pisaro, who has over 80 compositions under his belt, is prepping his next recording for release near the end of February. The 56-minute piece for guitar and electronics will be titled fields have ears (6) and will be available through Pisaro’s own label, Gravity Wave.

According to Pisaro, fields has had a long composition history, starting from a solo for classical guitar and sine tones that premiered in Munich in July 2010. Various subsequent performances took place over more than a year, and with each performance, a new version was created that incorporated recordings from the previous performances. The layering of the piece ended in December, and the final product is dense with its own history and other sounds that Pisaro associated with the history of the piece, such as radios, field recordings, and other compositions of his.

• Michael Pisaro: http://www.timescraper.de/pisaro
• Gravity Wave: http://michaelpisaro.blogspot.com

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