Midori Hirano to release Minor Planet, inspires dreams of floating in space

Midori Hirano to release Minor Planet, inspires dreams of floating in space
Photo: Sylvia Steinhäuser

Close your eyes for a minute. Imagine you’re floating in the vast expanse of outer space. You hear beautiful melodies almost drifting by, filling you with wonder as you see colorful worlds, make lifelong friendships with aliens, never once worrying about a random meteoroid crashing into you and ruining your day. You are at peace, and Minor Planet, the upcoming new album from Midori Hirano, is your soundtrack. It’s almost as if outer space wasn’t a cold vacuum devoid of sound, but instead a welcoming oasis, just waiting for you to explore it.

Open your eyes. Come back to reality. You’re never going to outer space! Sorry, but if you’ve taken the time out of your day to read this, you have already wasted too much time to become an astronaut.

As a consolation, maybe buy yourself a cheap telescope, head out to a field somewhere, throw on Minor Planet, and gaze at the stars. Its ambient textures and gentle piano melodies are all but guaranteed to make you dream about the far reaches of our universe, until you’re so overwhelmed with emotions and ideas that a single tear streams down your face. You’ll have to wait until September 30, however, when Minor Planet is released via Sonic Pieces.

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