Migos stop stacking money briefly, prep YRN Tha Album, continue to stack money

Migos stop stacking money briefly, prep YRN Tha Album, continue to stack money

Ever wondered what happens in a day in the life of Migos a.k.a. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff? A lot of money stacking, I’ll bet. Probably a lot of time dedicated to gettin’ turnt, too. And, of course, producing a steady stream of hilarious Vine fodder. But it’s also fair to say that they spend a decent portion of their lives in the studio, if their unfuckwithable mixtapes are anything to go by. No Label 2 was a personal highlight last year, and Rich Nigga Timeline was no slouch either (and who’s forgetting YRN?). Somehow, these three Atlantans can consistently churn out tapes filled wall-to-wall with straight bangers, usually to the ire of the heads who turn their noses up at a track like “Versace” or “Fight Night.” Their loss: give me Migos over boring-ass “real” rap any day, with their ridiculous off-beat flows and lyrical one-two punches, ‘cos these dudes know how to make a party at an abandoned house sound like the FUNNEST SHIT EVER.

It’s been a long time coming, but Migos have finally announced the release of their debut album, YRN Tha Album. YRN ain’t just some throwaway phrase for these guys; it’s a goddamned way of life, and it’s good to see that their patented brand of ignance still shines through in their first proper LP. With a star-studded cast of featuring artists and producers — Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, DJ Mustard, Zaytoven, Honorable C Note, TM88, Murda, De-Ko, and Cheeze Beatz — to boot, it’s clear that Migos are seriously bringing their A-game to this one. Like, the rest of the hip-hop world should really call it quits come June 16, ‘cos Migos have got 2015 on lock with YRN Tha Album. Lead single “One Time,” embedded below, sets the precedent nicely; “smoke some,” “drank some,” and basically just get fucked up while bumpin’ this.

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