Missing a couple Blank Dogs tracks? Well, don’t download ‘em… buy ‘em in April with his new compilation album!

Missing a couple Blank Dogs tracks? Well, don't download 'em... buy 'em in April with his new compilation album!

We all know this story, right? A hip young musical artist finally gets some fame, a good recording studio, and more and more people listening to their music, and then some skinny-tied A&R guy is like: “Let’s take some of that hip young music you did from a few years ago, the rare 12-inches and vinyl-only tracks, and re-release them as one big package that people will buy again!”

Well, Blank Dogs is the hip young musical artist this time around and, thankfully for his hip young fans, Mr. Dogs has yet to suckle on the teat of some Big Corporate Music executive like Edgar Bronfman (and his extra-hairy nipples), because Captured Tracks will be releasing the compilation their damn selves.

As per the press release, the album is titled Collected By Itself: 2006 - 2009 and will be “…Compil[ing] long out of print singles, EP’s, cassette and compilation tracks from the Blank Dogs archive […] a wide breadth of the material recorded from this period not released on the full-length albums of this period, On Two Sides and Under and Under.” All of the music has been completely remastered, and not even a single, solitary track has ever, ever been lasered into a CD before. Plus, it comes out on April 26, which happens to be my favorite day in April — for unrelated reasons.

Check out one of them tracks — “Slow Room!” — over at the Chocolate Grinder.

Collected By Itself: 2006 - 2009 tracklist:

01. Leaving the Light On
02. Slow Room!
03. Two Months
04. Before the Hours
05. Keeping All the Time
06. Freezing Styles
07. 1480 Fox
08. The Tied
09. She’s Violent Tonight
10. Dismorphobia
11. Doorbell Fire
12. The Other Way
13. Calling Over
14. Yellow Mice Sleep
15. Outside Alarmer
16. Waiting
17. My House Is Red
18. Butler Hospital
19. Poison Ivy
20. Scenes in a New Town
21. Anywhere
22. They Said
23. Ages Ago
24. Mirror Lights
25. Splitting
26. Leaves
27. Stuck inside the World

• Blank Dogs: http://www.blankdogs.com
• Captured Tracks: http://www.capturedtracks.com

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