MNDSGN ups the boogie on Bodywash

MNDSGN ups the boogie on Bodywash

Because Los Angeles can’t have enough awesome beat-makers and because Stones Throw Records will always stable an impressive share of the go-to L.A. beat-makers, it’s time to prepare yourself for MNDSGN’s latest offering, which has a very high probability of being a typically fantastic example of L.A. beat-making.

MNDSGN’s first solo full-length in 2016 is called Bodywash and will be available via Stones Throw September 16. It promises to take hip-hop a little further in the cosmic funk direction with a more prominent inclusion of his own voice — or as MNDSGN explains: “think about a box of crayons for you to draw emotions with.”

You can sample the lead “emotional crayon” now with “Cosmic Perspective.”

Bodywash tracklist:

01. Overture
02. Cosmic Perspective
03. Tha Origin (Interlude)
04. Alluptoyou
05. Ya Own Way
06. Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)
07. Enter Her Adobe (Interlude)
08. Vague / Recalibrate
09. Transmissionnn
10. Prelude 2 Purification
11. Lather
12. Where Ever U R
13. Searchin I (4 That Familiar Feelin)
14. Searchin II (4 Sumthn New)
15. Searchin III (4 Nothin Else)
16. Guess It’s All Over

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