Moonface announces North American tour, starts work on new album, because what else is Spencer Krug going to do with his time

Moonface announces North American tour, starts work on new album, because what else is Spencer Krug going to do with his time

As a child, Spencer Krug made a dark pact with a demon, ensuring that he would spend all his spare moments working on music. This is not true. It is just the only explanation I can find to account for Krug’s endless output of new music. Well, the only explanation besides work ethic. Still, the guy’s prolificacy is kind of nuts: four active projects, all of which have put out at least one album within the last two years. Most recently, he’s been hard at work with his Moonface solo project, from which he just put out Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I Hoped (TMT Review) on Jagjaguwar. Between that new record and a recent tour, we could hardly expect to hear anything new from the Moonface front any time soon.

Except we can. Duuuuuuuuuuuh. What else would you expect from Krug’s iron man work effort? He is like a man made out of iron! The point is, Spencer Krug will be doing things as Moonface in the near future. Namely, going on tour. Word has it that he’ll play all the songs from Organ Music, or at least most of them. Joining him on this journey will be percussionist Mike Bigelow, who will make rhythmic noises to accompany Krug’s organ noises.

But honestly, it’s not that surprising that Moonface is going on tour so soon after returning from tour. That happens all the time! What band hasn’t done that? Many, but there are also many that have done it. Less frequent is the act that starts work on a new record near immediately after releasing a record, and Moonface is that sort of act! Indeed: Mr. Krug is in Finland right now, working with Siinai on a new album. What will it sound like? Nobody knows, aside from perhaps Spencer Krug, Siinai, and anyone inside or passing by the studio. The rest of us will inevitably find out in six to eight months.

Moonface dates:

10.07.11 - Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club
10.08.11 - Madison, WI - The Sett @ The University of Wisconsin
10.09.11 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St. Entry
10.11.11 - Saskatoon, SK - Amigo’s
10.12.11 - Calgary, AB - Republik
10.14.11 - Vancouver, BC - Waldorf
10.15.11 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
10.16.11 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
10.18.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
10.19.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite
10.20.11 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
10.21.11 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
10.23.11 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
10.25.11 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
10.26.11 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
10.29.11 - Washington, DC - Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel
10.30.11 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom

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