The More You Know: Upcoming Slits Tour + Free Wireless at The Laundromat

Today has been a voyage of self-discovery. Well, perhaps just plain "discovery" is more the word for it. You see, I have learned many wonderful and revelatory things today including (a) how a caucus works, (b) that dub-influenced, super-fierce all-girl punk band The Slits are touring in March, and (c) that I can totally pick up a decent wireless signal at the laundromat, which is awesome because it allows me to write this story.

And now I'd like to pass on this beautiful gift of knowledge to you. It seems that The Slits are out and about in order to promote 2006's Revenge of the Killer Slits EP, as well as the release of a new EP, Hated, set for release in March on Exo Records. The upcoming U.S. tour will see the two legendary ladies hitting the road with a new crew of fearless femmes. You're gonna want to save up your laundry money for this one!

The Slits in America:

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