Morrissey Collapses on Stage, Discharged From Hospital, Cancels Tonight’s Show

On Saturday, October 24, Morrissey was performing at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon, England. During a rendition of “This Charming Man,” he collapsed on stage with breathing difficulties. A spokesperson for the Great Western Hospital that night said Morrissey's condition was "stable," while The Guardian reported yesterday that Morrissey had been discharged from the hospital. Today, however, Morrissey's official website announced that tonight's show at the Bournemouth Academy has been canceled due to "medical advice."

Ticket holders for Bournemouth Academy and the abandoned Swindon Oasis concert are advised to hold on to their tickets and await news regarding potential new dates or refund. Customers will be notified where possible and full information posted with ticket outlets and venues.

Morrissey has already cancelled previous tourdates this year due to illness, so when he was initially taken off stage by two of his bandmates, the crowd reportedly started booing. Jillian Moody, an audience member speaking to the BBC, explained that the crowd didn't realize how serious the situation was. “I didn't think he looked particularly well, but then again, he's sort of well known as a reclusive character, so I sort of thought that was just the way he was when he was on stage.”

The former Smiths star is tentatively due to visit The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, and Ireland before moving on to the U.S. as part of his current tour. Look for his B-sides album Swords (TMT News) today in UK stores and November 3 in the US.

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