Mos Def, K’naan Play Austin City Limits’ First Hip-Hop Show, Thus Destroying Genre Barriers Forever

Hey kids! You want to know some fun facts about Austin City Limits, everybody’s favorite PBS-broadcast live music program? Well, here we go!

• Fun Fact #1 - Every performer on the show has breathed oxygen.
• Fun Fact #2 - Every performer on the show needs food and water on a fairly regular basis to survive.
• Fun Fact #3 - In the show’s 35-year history, there has never been an all-hip-hop show.

Now, facts #1 and #2 will, barring a robot invasion of the music industry, remain intact in the future. However, the days of fact #3 are numbered. On January 16, Austin City Limits will broadcast their first hip-hop show, featuring up-and-coming Somali-Canadian MC K’naan. Also, some guy named Mos Def, who you may have heard of. I believe he was in Be Kind Rewind.

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