Mount Eerie provides details on new album Sauna, due out February 3

Mount Eerie provides details on new album Sauna, due out February 3

Back in August, info started drifting in about a new Mount Eerie full-length called Sauna. It came in crop circles, encoded in our breakfast cereal, and written on a small piece of paper dropped by a raven at our doorsteps. We knew then that Sauana was planned as a double album, a follow-up of sorts to last year’s beautiful robot excursion Pre-Human Ideas, and that it would contain 12 songs, some short and some long (as albums often do). We knew as well that it was about “vikings and zen and real life,” and that Elverum recorded it over a 15-month period in his church studio and was planning to self-release it through P.W. Elverum & Sun.

Even so, at that time, both because to live is to be confounded and because the Phil moves in mysterious ways, what we knew was thoroughly outweighed by what we did not know. And though now we have Sauna’s tracklist, a release date of February 3, a pre-order link, a teaser video embedded below, and information on the gatefold luxury packaging that includes a “jumbo poster” and a download code, the universe is still somehow a dark mystery, cut through only by the hot, steamy air coming off Elverum’s recently completed private spa. Oh strange new world, with such massage treatments in it!

Sauna tracklist:

01. Sauna
02. Turmoil
03. Dragon
04. Emptiness
05. (something)
06. Boat
07. Planets
08. Pumpkin
09. Spring
10. Books
11. This
12. Youth

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