Mouse on Mars prepare to enter the Paeanumnion at London’s Barbican Centre… gross

Mouse on Mars prepare to enter the Paeanumnion at London's Barbican Centre... gross

When you’re a member of acclaimed German electronic duo Mouse on Mars, you can do whatever the “%$^&” you want. You can start a band with The Fall’s Mark E. Smith and call it Von Südenfed, even though that totally sounds like a Eurotrash version of an ingredient in meth. You can name an album Vulvaland, even though… umm… :-(. You can team up with Cologne-based crazy innovative contemporary ensemble musikFabrik to create an hour-long performance piece called Paeanumnion, even though no one will ever be able to pronounce or spell it correctly. (Plus it sounds kinda weird in that “ancient Greeks did WHAT???” sort of way.)

But whatever, you’re in Mouse on Mars, you don’t care. So you team up with musikFabrik and conductor André de Ridder and you write this orchestral jam and then you throw in a bunch of digital bloop bleep blips and process the “%$^&” out of certain parts. (But not the whole thing because musikFabrik just kinda shines on its own, bloop.) Then you world-premiere it in Cologne, Germany in September before bringing it to London’s Brutalist dream cocoon, the Barbican Centre, where many a great art has been arted. Then you promote it with a preview excerpt. Then you gather all your wine and your satyrs and lastly, your paeanums, and prepare to enter the Paeanumnion — because it’s time to party like the ancient Greeks did. With music! WITH MUSIC. GOD, what’s wrong with you people.

11.25.11 - London, UK - Barbican Centre

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