Mouse on Mars return with stereophonic Parastrophics, their first album in six years

Mouse on Mars return with stereophonic Parastrophics, their first album in six years

While to some the 1990s may represent a period nostalgically defined by classic shows on Nickelodeon and an embarrassingly widespread infatuation with scrunchies and plaid shirts, from a melodic perspective, it marked the popularization of true electronic dance music. Enormously influential record labels such as Warp, Planet Mu, Ninja Tune, and Rephlex all saw their foundations rise during this decade, and each remains steadily active to this day — a testament to the enduring appeal of the hundreds of artists who were and are catering to a global desire for music centered around the synthesizer and the drum machine, and facilitated by what was, at the time, the increasingly relevant personal computer. Just one of many outfits to appear on the scene during this period was Mouse on Mars (Jan St. Werner and Andy Toma), who brought a more playful take on the traditionally less accessible style of electronic music known (for better or worse) as IDM. Following this month’s Paeanumnion performance in London, on February 28 the duo from Germany will release their first studio album in six years and their 10th overall, Parastrophics, via Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records.

In the intervening years since the release of Varcharz (TMT Review) back in 2006, St. Werner and Toma haven’t just been enjoying the local landschaft. According to a press release, both produce independently for their Sonig label, while St. Werner specifically “has worked on solo records under several monikers, written pieces for classical
instrumentation and electronics, did music for installations, and acted as the Artistic Director of the Amsterdam Institute for Electronic Music, STEIM.” Just two years ago, the band relocated their studio to Monkeytown’s headquarters in Berlin, and began work on Parastrophics — an album described as “glamorous, funky and deep.” I’m not sure how prevalent golf-related idioms are in German society, but I believe we can consider that Par für den Kurs.

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