Music Matters movement launched to make marauding file-sharers feel meek!

Music Matters movement launched to make marauding file-sharers feel meek!

Music Matters was launched in the UK last week in an effort to convince consumers to buy music. The industry-wide campaign features “a series of short, animated films about artists including the Jam, John Martyn, Nick Cave, Sigur Rós, Kate Bush and Blind Willie Johnson.” These videos aim to highlight how artists have benefited from fans buying their music. Here’s Sigur Rós’ video:



The (propaganda) campaign, led by Universal Music, has also produced a Music Matters trust mark to help consumers “identify legitimate digital services.” So now people don’t have to feel bad purchasing music from iTunes!

Niamh Byrne, head of creative content at Universal Music UK, said “For many people music is the single most important cultural element of their daily lives… but as it becomes more available it can become invisible, disposable. Cutting through the debate about technology, transmission and consumption, we want to remind everyone why music matters.”

But don’t forget: they’ll sue your ass if you think it don’t matter, bitch!

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