Musician from the future releases new single as experimental app, possibly consciousness-altering

Musician from the future releases new single as experimental app, possibly consciousness-altering

Is there one reality, or are there perhaps, parallel realities? Are we but cogs in a greater, all-encompassing consciousness? Our greatest thinkers have oft pondered these questions. On many a starlit night, Aristotle would look up to the heavens and ask himself, is the future but a mere dream, mutually evolving in the slumbering, tube-connected minds of say, Throbbing Gristle, the guys who invented the Buddha Machine, and the tiny science-fiction elves working the controls that power Björk’s brain and vocal chords? (There are two different elves; no one elf could operate that much crazyamazingness.)

This was all very confusing to Aristotle, since most of these people/mystical beings had not yet come into existence whilst he was alive, but if ever humankind were to receive a grand signal that the great philosopher’s theory were true, it would be the release of Gwilym Gold’s new single as something called a Bronze App. Gold’s first solo single since leaving the XL-signed band Golden Silvers is called “Flesh Freeze,” and it’s available as a Mac desktop download, with Windows and iPhone versions in the works.

Wired breaks down the Bronze app for those of us who — unlike Mr. Gold — are NOT from the future, detailing how the application was “founded on an algorithm that fluctuates the sections of a song around a waveform.” Which is to say that basically every time you listen to “Flesh Freeze” via Bronze you get A DIFFERENT SONG, with the potential for rearranged lyrics, no drumbeat, or toooootally enhanced drumbeat. THE SONG COULD EVEN START OR END AT A DIFFERENT PLACE THAN THE TIME BEFORE. Whoa. Wrap your head around THAT, mere present-day, non-elf being. The app was invented by Gold (hereby known as The Man from the Future), producer Lexx (Wild Beasts, Björk, possible elf person) and scientists from Goldsmiths University, London.

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