Mute reissues classic album from Texas cult band Lift to Experience

Mute reissues classic album from Texas cult band Lift to Experience
Photo: Breanne Trammell

If you’re feeling like listening to a record that feels epic and uplifting at the same time as prophesizing something catastrophic and foreboding (and we can’t for the life of us think why on earth that might be the case), then chances are you’ll have the early-oughts Texas cult band Lift To Experience’s sole album The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads on high rotation right now.

If, however, you have no idea what’s being lifted and what the hell kind of crossroad we’re on about, here’s the score: It’s a new century, and a strange band called Lift to Experience emerge all steeped in Texan values and release an album so grand yet gloomy it sounds like Jeff Buckley being backed by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (which is a bloody good thing). The album is called The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, and then they disappear.

Well, now they’re back and re-releasing The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads via Mute Records. The pre-orders are available now and includes the opportunity to buy the deluxe vinyl boxset, which includes the classic album with a fresh mix by Matt Pence, the band’s only other official release — a self-titled EP from 1997 — the band’s Peel Session, and a download of the original mix of the album.


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