My little brother just discovered that Art Brut have a new album coming out in May

My little brother just discovered that Art Brut have a new album coming out in May

Art Brut haven’t exactly been “outsider art” for a while now, ever since the shift that came after the group issued a split with Jandek and were highlighted on the first volume of Songs in the Key of Z (…just kidding). In addition to unabashed false advertising, frontman Eddie Argos has been subject to some raised eyebrows since our lukewarm review of Art Brut vs. Satan, not to mention Argos’ 2010 side project under the preposterously verbose moniker, Everybody Was in the French Resistance…Now. As if to combat these doubts about Art Brut’s supposed genius, the newly announced album is entitled Brilliant! Tragic! — and they really want you to believe it.

Their fourth studio album Brilliant! Tragic! is out May 24 from Cooking Vinyl and will hopefully quell all talk of the French resistance outside of Le Chagrin et la pitié. Like 2009’s Art Brut vs. Satan, the new record was produced by Pixies’ Black Francis, though — according to Argos — it won’t be as ceaselessly punk rock as the last one. “This time there are a few songs to let you catch your breath so when we do rock the fuck out again it hits home harder,” he says. Whew… we were really afraid of Art Brut going the 80s hardcore route, but I guess that answers that.

Until the album comes out, you can get your fill of Art Brut via a free download from PledgeMusic, who will also sell the album and contribute part of the proceeds to Shelter, a charity benefiting the homeless (to clarify, PledgeMusic is not the exclusive distributor of the album, but just one of the many ways you can purchase it). PledgeMusic is also offering the chance to purchase t-shirts, a karaoke extravaganza with Eddie Argos, signed album art, and at £1,500 (about $2,411), a house party where Art Brut perform for your friends (plus more for a lot cheaper; check ‘em out here). Brilliant!

Brilliant! Tragic! tracklisting:

01. Clever Clever Jazz
02. Lost Weekend
03. Bad Comedian
04. Sexy Sometimes
05. Is Dog Eared
06. Martin Kemp Welch Five A-Side Football Rules!
07. Axel Rose
08. I Am the Psychic
09. Ice Hockey
10. Sealand

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