Nate Young of Wolf Eyes to release new solo album “Stay Asleep” Regression Vol. 2 on NNA Tapes, harshly reminding us of his own consciousness

Nate Young of Wolf Eyes to release new solo album "Stay Asleep" Regression Vol. 2 on NNA Tapes, harshly reminding us of his own consciousness

In accordance with traditional and societal guidelines for the development of the archetypal American male, some boys get involved in sports as they grow up. Others play with action figures. A small, overlooked minority are forced by their older sisters to join them in their Barbie-related activities, without any disclaimer on the part of said siblings, warning of anatomical inaccuracies. “Wait, are you telling me that your head doesn’t rotate a full 360 degrees? Please, don’t even waste my time.” So was my general attitude toward dating until at least my freshman year of high school.

The childhood of Nate Young (Wolf Eyes, Stare Case, Moon Pool & Dead Band) was far from archetypal. In our interview with TMT’s own John Crowell, Young remarks, “My mother used to get furious with me because I would take apart all my electronic toys. When I got interested in electronics, I had no idea what I was doing. It was a means to an end. At 17, I had broken my guitar by strapping a huge spring to it. All I had was a crappy toy keyboard to jam. I thought it looked better with the guts hanging out.” Thankfully, Young’s affinity for turning equipment inside-out, both literally and figuratively, is what has propelled him to the forefront of the ever-boundary-pushing noise scene. On October 31, his new solo LP Nate Young “Stay Asleep” Regression Volume Two will premiere on Altered Zones. Two weeks later (November 15), the album will receive a vinyl release courtesy of NNA Tapes.

On Stay Asleep, Young utilizes analog synthesizers, digital piano, handmade electronics, and tape loops to convey what he describes as a confluence of negative energy. The death of a friend’s family member had coincided with the initial recording of this album, as well as his acclimation to a new residence. As a result, one might be inclined to expect even more emotional experimentation on this LP than the already deeply forceful and affecting nature of Young’s previous work. In any case, it’s sure to be a trip. And don’t forget to check out Nate’s website, which will be updated in the near future with information on his West Coast tour, slated to last from November 17 until December 5.

Nate Young “Stay Asleep” Regression Vol. 2 tracklisting:

A1. Comes Unbidden
A2. Dress a Chair
A3. Cast a Circle
B1. Stygian Faces
B2. Collapse

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