Need More Videos of German Dudes Playing with Speak & Spells? Kraftwerk Have Got You Covered with Their New Documentary DVD

Having already released a live DVD Minimum-Maximum back in 2005, Kraftwerk will release a documentary DVD titled Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution September 2. Hey, that’s my dad’s birthday! I wonder if 63 is that special age when baby boomers all of a sudden crave synthesizer-saturated music about robots, trains, and computers, kind of like an electric menopause. Whoa, looks like I just named Kraftwerk’s next album! Florian and Ralf, call me!

The DVD will focus on the prime of Kraftwerk’s kareer, from their start in the ’60s as Organization (good Lord that name couldn’t be more German if they called their band Efficient) to the ’70s glory days of Autobahn and Trans-Europe Express, concluding with their early ’80s resurgence as the fathers of synth-pop and electronica. Along with Kraftwerk’s basic history, the documentary will study the cybernetic foursome’s role in the legendary ’70s Krautrock scene, including short profiles on a few of the other awesome electronic groups around at the time, culminating with an overall study of German contemporary music through the lens of Kraftwerk.

The documentary also features rarely seen live performances and photographs, as well as interviews with prominent German scholars, journalists, musicians, and members of Kraftwerk past and present. Special features include extended interviews and a featurette titled “The Dusseldorf Scene Vs. The Hamburg Scene.” Like that’s even a contest. D-Dorf all the way, baby! Reppin’ the West Side!

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