New London label Warm Winters Ltd. arrives just in time — because I’m FREEZING! — announces Naomi by Portuguese duo HRNS

New London label Warm Winters Ltd. arrives just in time — because I'm FREEZING! — announces Naomi by Portuguese duo HRNS

It’s so damn cold! Why is it so cold? I hate it. I hate winter. I’m going to move to Florida.

Now that THAT’S out of the way (yeah, I moved to Florida, so what?), let’s see what’s going on in London, just for funsies. Hmm…looks like a new label Warm Winters Ltd.* has just announced inaugural release?? Wait a minute — “Warm Winters”?!? You mean to tell me all I had to do was be a *teensy* bit patient and the answer to my problems would come to me in music form?? I didn’t have to disrupt my ENTIRE LIFE and relocate my family after all?!?**

But okay, okay, this isn’t about me; this is about Warm Winters Ltd., which, I’m happy to report, have announced their very first release, set to drop March 22. That’s right, we’re getting some brand-spanking-new digital/CD/cassette goodness from Portuguese duo HRNS (pronounced “harness”). The album, titled Naomi, is a darkly glowing ambient delight FFO the likes of Grouper et al. Over seven tracks and thirty glorious minutes, Rui P. Andrade and Afonso Arrepia Ferreira offer sparkling meditations that shimmer like newly cracked geodes, dense and beautiful all at once.

…And warm. Like a nice thick blanket of blue sound.

But again, this isn’t about me! Remember that when you’re clicking this pre-order link after streaming “White Heron” and “Swan Palace” below.

* Warm Winters the latest brainchild of TMTer a b d (former showrunner at ACR) — it’s an honor to make this announcement!

**Just kidding, Florida’s great, folks. I went to the beach yesterday. It’s February.

Naomi tracklisting:

01. White Heron
02. You Will Never See The Same Water Twice
03. Swan Palace
04. Canadian Rifles
05. Prunes De Namur
06. Eurostar
07. Angeles

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