New Mount Eerie Album Out August 18, Heavily Influenced By Twin Peaks; Mr P’s Nerdgasm Causes TMT to Shut Down for Two Days

If there are two things that seriously get us off here at Tiny Dix Tapes, it’s Phil Elverum’s Mount Eerie and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. We enjoy Mount Eerie so much that we gave them a slot on TMT’s inaugural charity compilation (in fact, why don’t you buy a copy now!, and it seems like we can’t go a month without throwing up some old Twin Peaks still photo whenever a story so much as mentions David Lynch’s name.

So, given our fanatical devotion to both the Elverumiverse and TP (both the show and the bathroom product), I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was when a press release told me how Mount Eerie’s new album Wind’s Poem “holds a large debt to the music and world of David Lynch's Twin Peaks.” Actually, the press release mostly goes on about how the album is Elverum’s love letter to the wind or something, but fuck all that noise, dude! Mount Eerie moves to Twin Peaks! This combined with this! How perfect is that nonsense?! I’ll probably pass the time between now and the album’s August 18 drop date by just eating a raunchy amounts of pie and listening to the wind a whole lot. Whoa, that sounds totally fun, too. This summer is gonna rule!

Wind's Poem tracklist:

1. Wind's Dark Poem
2. Through the Trees
3. My Heart Is Not at Peace
4. The Hidden Stone
5. Wind Speaks
6. Summons
7. The Mouth of Sky
8. Between Two Mysteries
9. Ancient Questions
10. (something)
11. Lost Wisdom Pt. 2
12. Stone's Ode

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