To Rococo Rot return with new album, Speculation

To Rococo Rot return with new album, Speculation

Is it just me or does there seem to be a recent upsurge in the popularity of classic Krautrock? You got Faust touring, Soul Jazz anthologizing, Can re-pressing albums, and now we have a new To Rococo Rot album set for release. Not that To Rococo Rot have anything to do with this rise in popularity of Krautrock — nor do they even have anything to do with Krautrock at all for that matter — but they are from Germany and their new album was recorded at Faust’s studio. That’s enough correlation to pass, right?

The important thing here is that To Rococo Rot have a new release set to hit the shelves June 29 in the US through Domino. It’s the first album the band has released since 2007’s helvetica print type-inspired abc123. The album is titled Speculation and was supposedly inspired by the rural location of Faust’s studio in which they recorded. The album even features Faust member and organist Jochen Irmler on a track. There. How’s that for a connection to Krautrock?

Wanna hear a track from it? Sure you do. Here’s Horses.


01. Away
02. Seele
03. Horses
04. Forwardness
05. No Way To Prepare
06. Working Against Time
07. Place It
08. Ship
09. Bells
10. Friday

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