New Stereolab album is Not Music, just the way TMT likes it

New Stereolab album is Not Music, just the way TMT likes it

See what I did there with that headline? Perhaps you were expecting some kind of angry tirade, something like “This ethereal indie pop/lounge band that sometimes sings in French is making an ABOMINATION of good old classic song structure! Etc.!” It wouldn’t be difficult to make this sort of mistake: I mean, after all, I am a circa 1950s stuffy classical music professor who burns records by The Beatles and Philip Glass on the front lawn of a church during my spare time. But no. Not Music is the name of Stereolab’s new album. Recorded in France back in 2007 (during the same session that yielded Stereolab’s last album, Chemical Chords), Not Music hits stores November 16 via Drag City.

Not Music tracklist:

01. Everybody’s Weird Except Me
02. Supha Jaianto
03. So Is Cardboard Clouds
04. Equivalences
05. Lelekato Sugar
06. Silver Sands
07. Two Finger Symphony
08. Delugeoisie
09. Laserblast
10. Sun Demon
11. Aelita
12. Pop Molecules (Molecular Pop 2)
13. Neon Beanbag (Atlas Sound Mix)

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