Nice Knees premiere “2 Much” from new Falling Into Sand EP

Nice Knees premiere "2 Much" from new Falling Into Sand EP
Photo: Bell Cenower

But, like…really, though: just how much IS “2 much?”

Actually? Don’t sweat it. Instead, just sit back and allow Nice Knees to answer that intensely heavy existential question for you on “2 Much,” the first single from their forthcoming Falling Into Sand EP. The musical guise of Cincinnati’s own Bell Cenower, Nice Knees have been releasing small morsels of music on Bandcamp for years now — and though Sand is a “mere” six track EP, it stands as the most developed & deep selection yet of Cenower’s personal strain of neon-pastel dream pop. We like it so much it’s almost…”3 much!” (Too much? Yeah. Okay.)

Aaaaanyway: today we at Tiny Mix Tapes are positively ec-sta-tic 2 premiere “2 Much” for u here 2day — stream it down yonder, check out the cover art and full tracklisting, and then leave a note for yourself in careful place so you remember to pick up Falling Into Sand on September 15 from Broken Circles.

Falling Into Sand tracklisting:

01. Yeah/Uh (One)
02. Sss
03. 2 Much
04. Hands Under Hot Water
05. Yeah/Uh (Two)
06. Come Down

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