Majestic fjords, well-designed minimalist furniture on the cheap, blonde hair and blue-eyed mensch, and... armies of hooded sweaty dudes fist-pumping to C. Spencer Yeh's face-melting violin thrash. That's right, the infamous New York-based No Fun Fest (TMT Review), the nation's largest festival celebrating grating noise, is packing its IKEA bags and taking the freak wagon to Stockholm September 18-20 for No Fun Fest... SWEDEN EDITION!

The lineup reads like a who's who in all that is horrifying -- Wolf Eyes, Religious Knives, Hair Police, Emeralds, Burning Star Core, Prurient, Hivemind, Astral Social Club, and plenty more. For only 75 Euros (more expensive for us Yanks, of course), you get all three days at Fylkingen. These tickets go on sale July 1; single-day passes will be available July 20.

So, throw them horns up, raise a Ölglas, and tipsa en vän (got these translations from the Internet -- might totally be wrong).

Here are the confirmed acts so far:

Wolf Eyes / Emeralds / Carlos Giffoni / Noveller / Dead Machines / Burning Star Core / Oneohtrix Point Never / Hair Police / Regression / Religious Knives / Putrefier / Sons of God / Prurient / Testicle Hazard / Astral Social Club / Sten Ove Toft / Dylan Nyoukis / CM von Hausswolff / Enema Syringe / Studio SS / Sewer Election / Family Battle Snake / Dror Feiler / Family Underground / Hivemind

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