Noise Pop to take place February 22-27 with bands included

Noise Pop to take place February 22-27 with bands included

Noise. Pop. Two elements that don’t normally tend to form a cohesive blend. Except when thrown into the context of the city of San Francisco — then it all makes perfect sense. In fact, Noise and Pop are two things that capture SF as a place quite perfectly. So it’s fitting that this is exactly what will be going down there from February 22-27, 2011 at select venues scattered about town. The 19th annual Noise Pop fest showcases basically what the title implies: pop and and more mainstream indie acts as well as the more left-leaning experimental folks.

Expect some new bells and whistles this year, including this thing called the Noise Pop Culture Club taking place during the last two days of the fest at Public Works, which involves art apparently and some sort of street fair. Also expect the usual film screenings and art showings and whatnot. You can go ahead and snag yourself a week-long all-entry pass for 160 bones over here. Oh, and the bigwigs upstairs have already announced the initial lineup of artists performing this year. So at long last, here’s what you actualy clicked on this article for (all caps for emphasis and implied excitement):

Best Coast
Dan Deacon Ensemble
Daniel Martin Moore
How to Dress Well
Max Bemis (Say Anything)
Ted Leo (solo)
The Concretes
The Stone Foxes
Yo La Tengo
Voxhaul Broadcast

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