NON announces new compilation benefiting citizens of DR Congo; featuring Klein, Embaci, Clarke, and more

NON announces new compilation benefiting citizens of DR Congo; featuring Klein, Embaci, Clarke, and more

Beware the Ides of March…but only because you’ll want to make sure you make it to the day after: Angel-Ho, Nkisi, and Chino Amobi’s impassioned and incendiary NON Worldwide label have just announced a compilation album that will be released March 16. Titled the NON Worldwide Compilation II Trilogy, the record features new slices of musical awesomeness from the likes of Clarke, Klein, Sporting Life, Embaci, and Gita (whose contribution funky club workout “Ban Man” you can sample now).

Being a “cross-continental blend of record label and social network” all proceeds from the album will go to collective members in the DR Congo, and the press release which officially announced this record was, we suspect, a satirical poke at science’s tendency to legitimize racism:

To be released over 3 weeks of March and April of 2018, 2 years after our inception, NON conducted a genome-wide association study in 42 NON Citizens. Our result; 42 Tracks, 3 albums. A locus on chromosome 16pter [lead SNP rs13335629 in ITFG3 gene; P < 1E−13 for hemoglobin (Hgb), RBC count, mean corpuscular volume (MCV), MCH and MCHC] and the G6PD locus on Xq28 [lead SNP rs1050828; P < 1E − 13 for Hgb, MCV, RBC count and red cell distribution width (RDW)] were each associated with multiple RBC traits. At the alpha-globin region, both the common NON Citizen 3.7 kb deletion and common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) appear to contribute independently to RBC phenotypes among AAs. In the 2p21 region, we identified a variant distinctly associated with NON Citizens. In a genome-wide admixture mapping scan, our citizens ancestry at the 6p22 region containing HFE and LRRC16A was associated with higher Hgb. LRRC16A has been previously associated with the platelet count and mean platelet volume in NCs, but not with Hgb. Finally, we extended to our citizens the findings of association of erythrocyte traits with several loci previously reported in globally, including CD164 and HBS1L-MYB. This large-scale genome-wide analysis in NON Citizens has extended the importance of several RBC-associated genetic loci to AAs and identified allelic heterogeneity and pleiotropy at several previously unknown genetic loci associated with blood cell traits.

See below for the compilation’s complete tracklisting, and keep at least one trusty browser tab fixed on NON for the full comp’s ordering info. Meanwhile, you can also head here to purchase Gita’s “Ban Man” single and tap and/or smash the “play” button below to stream right here:

NON Worldwide Compilation II Trilogy tracklisting:

01. Klein - Brother
02. Embaci - Hymnal Pine Heart
03. BOY - Chebr Design
04. Enterra - Saskia e Chico
05. Bonaventure - Blackface
06. DJ Lady Lane - Bad Habits
07. Simpson - Mother Losing a Child
08. Gita - Ban Man
09. Sporting Life - Bauhaus
10. John Glacier - Broken Mackbook
11. Richard Kennedy - Men Are Weak
12. Clarke - Niagara
13. Somasu - Loner

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