Profligate finds the floor — coincidentally the location of Not Not Fun’s 300th release

Profligate finds the floor — coincidentally the location of Not Not Fun's 300th release

Well, the movie certainly excelled at making the less muscular among us feel insufficiently manly, but how fortunate we are that we have music to empower us back to self-confidence! Some might be inclined to resort to tried and true motivational ballads such as “Eye of the Tiger” or the non-masturbatory interpretation of “Beat It,” but for those who are open to less obvious attempts at spurring, look no further than Profligate’s sophomore LP Finding the Floor, out in November on Not Not Fun. Philly-based Noah Anthony previously threw-back with the mildly minimal wave Come Follow Me in 2012, with a fantastic opening track that left me looking desperately for sequins (it was in its dedicated drawer).

But what’s the connection to the number 300 again? Well, Finding the Floor will actually be Not Not Fun’s 300th release since Amanda and Britt Brown founded the label back in 2004 (and as the latter accurately predicted in our interview with him back in April). Since its founding, we’ve enjoyed wonderfully trippy albums from Pocahaunted and Sun Araw, as well as the 2014 Afterhours LP that I personally enjoyed quite a bit. Plus Magic Lantern showed us the goods, only to return to law school full-time soon thereafter.

It’s certainly one of the better labels around. Head to the Chocolate Grinder for more on the album and a video for “Laughing Song.”

Finding the Floor tracklisting:

01. Girl Full of Joy
02. We’re Desperate
03. Can’t Stop Shaking
04. Dormant
05. Maniac Will Win
06. Basement
07. Laughing Song
08. Finding the Floor
09. Ambient Metal Room (Impossible)
10. We Can Have It All

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