Noveller announces dreamy new full-length No Dreams, out next week on Important Records

Noveller announces dreamy new full-length No Dreams, out next week on Important Records

Sarah Lipstate and her guitar have agreed to polyamory, though it’s only the former who’s taking advantage, because guitars don’t have brains and can’t actively seek out different hands. Meanwhile, despite offering her own description of Noveller as a “solo electric guitar project,” her newest album No Dreams promises the extra-utilization of synths, “pulsing throbs of electronic beats,” and “haunting piano,” all the while maintaining her distinct sound of… something not quite drone (in my opinion), but we’ll call it drone, because genre pigeonholing is the name of the game, sir/madam!

Her name might be relatively new, but in terms of accomplishment, Noveller is inching in on veteran territory. No Dreams, set for release October 22 via the humbly named Important Records, is her sixth full-length album, and it supplements the film scoring and film producing that Lipstate does under her own name. So the story goes, it was her collaborative film score work with Nathan Larson that inspired the incorporation of new elements on Noveller’s new album. Listen to some of that film score work over here, and frowningly tilt your head as you wonder why we haven’t heard more of this lovely piano playing until now, apparently.

Eh, I guess this is a tolerable explanation:

For me, that’s really exciting, as well, combining these different elements. But guitar is still the instrument that fascinates me the most. There’s so much you can do, and even if there are a million people out there playing it, or even if every sound that’s possible has been created, for me, there’s still things I find that keep me in love with this instrument. I think there’s a lot more to explore.

No Dreams tracklisting:

01. Fighting Sleep
02. Mannahatta
03. No Dreams
04. Purchase
05. Gathering the Elements
06. Rue de Montmorency
07. The Fright
08. Outro

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