Noveller announces Fantastic Planet, new LP out in January on Fire Records

Noveller announces Fantastic Planet, new LP out in January on Fire Records

Pretty weird to think about the fact that after this year is done there’ll be a whole other year after it. Honestly, sometimes I forget. I’ll just be sitting there thinking, “Boy, it sure would nice for there to be another new Noveller album for me to listen to, for example, since I was so into No Dreams, but since time will just kind of quit happening at the end of December, I guess there’s not really much I can do about it.” Then I’ll kind of think about that for a second and smack myself upside the head because, duh, time doesn’t stop at the end of December, it just keeps going! I really am such a quirky goof sometimes.

Speaking both of the fact that time apparently stops for nothing and Sarah Lipstate’s Noveller project, Lipstate’s actually got a new album planned for early next year. It’s called Fantastic Planet and it’s slated for release on January 27 on Fire Records on CD, MP3, and aqua-colored vinyl. The pre-order link is, hang on… nope it’s not here… or here. Where is it? Oh, I found it! Sorry, that was just my little joke, here’s that link to the pre-order page once more just in case you got a little flustered back there. Like I said, I’m just quirky sometimes! Anyhow, you can preview album opener “Into the Dunes” below if you put your mind to it.

Fantastic Planet tracklist:

01. Into the Dunes
02. No Unholy Mountain
03. Rubicon
04. Sisters
05. Concrete Dreams
06. Pulse Point
07. In February
08. Growing
09. The Ascent

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