Now that’s something you don’t see everyday: ol’ Aphex Twin announces a new record (sort of)

Now that's something you don't see everyday: ol' Aphex Twin announces a new record (sort of)

Whatever happened to Aphex Twin? Answer: he just didn’t put out any music for a while. BAM: Tiny Mix Tapes, giving you answers to your questions, just like that! Come back tomorrow, and I’ll tell you how you lost your bike when you were eight. But we’re getting off track here. The point is, Aphex Twin hasn’t released any music for some time. If you count compilations of previously released EP material, there have been no new full-lengths since 2006’s Chosen Lords. If you don’t count those, then well, no new full-lengths since 2001’s Drukqs. But, according to the folks at The Quietus, that’s a drought that should end with the release of a new Aphex Twin record via his long-term home Warp:

It’s time for celebration in The Quietus offices this afternoon, after news reaches us that a new album from warped genius Aphex Twin is in the works. No release date is as yet confirmed, but reports suggest that Warp have signed Mr Richard David James for another album…

Okay, so there isn’t much information yet, but Aphex Twin has been confirmed to play a DJ set at Ibiza on September 24 as part of the We Love Space series. Plus, I’ve got something special for you: the “Come to Daddy” video! Can’t have Aphex Twin without the “Come to Daddy” video, right? It’s still real scary, and I still feel awfully bad for that old lady.


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