O’Death robbed of everything that makes them a band: looking for help to replace it all

O'Death robbed of everything that makes them a band: looking for help to replace it all

Sometimes you read something that makes you question whether this is a world you really want to live in. Case in point: while in the middle of a tour of America, O’Death had their touring van stolen in Los Angeles outside of The Echo, the venue they were playing at that night. To make things worse, the van was at the time fully loaded with all of the band’s equipment, merchandise, and personal belongings. Without that van, O’Death have also lost their ability to work for their livelihoods.

Sometimes, however, you see something that restores your faith in humanity. Case in point: O’Death launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $26,000 to replace everything that was stolen, and at the time of publishing, more than $19,300 has already been raised from 372 kind souls in just 2 days. The people donating aren’t getting anything but good karma in return, which really shows how much O’Death mean to their fans.

The target hasn’t been reached yet, so get along to the fundraising portal and show your support. Or if you have any information about the scumbags who stole the gear, please report it to the Karma Police or the actual Police.

O’Death were touring in support of their fourth album, Out of Hands We Go, which was released by Northern Spy in October.

• Fundraising Portal: http://www.gofundme.com/gk4wyc
• O’Death: http://www.odeath.net

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