Oh, Caroling They Will Go: Julian Koster Solidifies Dates for December Caroling Excursion

As previously reported, Julian Koster and his Singing Saw are once again accepting invitations from welcoming citizens who would like to receive the former Neutral Milk Hotel-er and his cadre of carolers into their homes for a magical December night of festivities, songs, stories, and good cheer. Well, now those tentative cities and dates are as solid and confirmed as religious icicles.

Koster and his Christmas revelers visited over 100 homes last December and offer up their thanks to all of the towns and neighborhoods that opened their doors to them. Koster expressed his hopes for this year, saying, “I’m so glad that we’re all still here, and that the Universe has arranged for this all to happen again. I can hardly wait.”

To recap: if you want Julian Koster and his Singing Saw to visit your house (and you happen to live in Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Champaign, Cleveland, Providence, Baltimore, D.C., or Chapel Hill/Durham) then check the dates below and send an email over to musictapescaroling@gmail.com expressing your interest. If you just want to watch Julian Koster and his Traveling Christmas Express, then email musictapescaroling@gmail.com and you can receive the address of a home in your area that is hosting the carolers and the general time of performance!

Confirmed caroling path:
12.05.09 – Atlanta / Rome, GA
12.06.09 – Nashville, TN (early) / Louisville, KY
12.07.09 – Indianapolis, IN (early) / Champaign, IL
12.08.09 – Chicago, IL
12.09.09 – Kalamazoo, MI (early) / Detroit, MI (and area)
12.10.09 – Toledo, OH (early) / Cleveland, OH
12.11.09 – Buffalo, NY (early) / Geneseo, NY
12.12.09 – Ithaca, NY (early) / Monterrey, MA / Easthampton & Northampton, MA (late-night)
12.13.09 – Boston, MA (and area)
12.14.09 – Providence, RI (and area)
12.15.09 – Riverside, CT / Purchase, NY / Marlboro, NY
12.16.09 – New York City, NY
12.17.09 – New York City, NY (and area)
12.18.09 – Manalapan, NJ (early) / Philadelphia, PA
12.19.09 – Baltimore, MD (early) / Washington, DC
12.20.09 – Eagle Rock, VA (early) / Lynchburg, VA
12.21.09 – Chapel Hill, NC / Raleigh, NC
12.22.09 – Athens, GA

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