Oh no! It’s Ono. (Yeah, that’s the news story title. Do I want to rewrite it? No, why? It’s too short? Well, it’s not as short as your weenie. Burn!)

When she is not busy pissing off residents of Liverpool for covering the city with posters of a woman's breast and vulva during its 2004 biennial celebration or blocking the latest Lennon documentary, Three Days in the Life, from being screened publicly, Yoko Ono is releasing a lot of music. Exactly why Ono has been embraced so warmly in 2007 after years of indignation and outright hatred is anyone's guess, but it is happening.

Important artist or hanger-on? Honest primal vocalist or a bowel obstruction set to music? No one polarizes people quite like Yoko does, and for that reason alone, we love her. [For the record, why would anyone want the old and tired Beatles of 1970 to soldier on when you could have the often-brilliant post-Beatles output by all four members, especially in the early 1970s? Bah! Give me any of Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Ram, Band on the Run, All Things Must Pass, Living in the Material World, or Beaucoups de Blues over another Let It Be any day (Sorry Ringo, only one from you, just like your vocal contributions to The Beatles albums!). There. Rant over.]

Where was I? Oh, Yoko! After the widely-applauded release of her guest interpretive/collaborative album Yes, I'm a Witch in February, the 74-year-old, conceptual and performance artist, filmmaker, feminist, activist, humanitarian, mother, ex-wife, ex-collaborator of John Cage and Ornette Coleman, ex-Fluxus member, and ex-junkie will see a remix album of her work released on April 24 by "the home of uncompromising music" (read: Astralwerks). The tracklist contains mixes by some well-known giants in the electro, futuristic, gyration scene like Pet Shop Boys, Basement Jaxx, and Felix Da Housecat, and others that are less famous (at least to this close-minded, dance dance ignoration news writer).

Open your mouth, open your legs, open your wallet, open your ears. Randomly play CD and record an excerpt onto a slice of scotch tape, then send it to a stranger you've known for years (note found in Nadelle's forgotten Fluxus Box #4):

1. "You're the One" - Bimbo Jones Main Mix
2. "Everyman Everywoman" - Basement Jaxx Classic Mix
3. "Walking on Thin Ice" - Felix Da Housecat's Tribute Mix
4. "Hell in Paradise" - Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix
5. "Give Me Something" - Morel's Pink Noise Vocal Mix
6. "Walking on Thin Ice" - Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix
7. "I Don't Know Why" - Sapphirecut Mix
8. "Ying Yang" - Orange Factory Down & Dirty Mix

Number9, number9, number9. "Will I" - John Creamer & Stephen K Mix
10. "Everyman Everywoman" - Murk Space Mix
11. "Kiss Kiss Kiss" - Superchumbo Main Mix
12. "Open Your Box" - Orange Factory Club Mix
13. "Walking on Thin Ice - "Danny Tenaglia Walked Across the Lake Mix
14. "Give Peace a Chance" - DJ Dan Vocal Mix

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