Okkervil River Embark on Carbon Neutral Tour; Meanwhile, Toby Keith Unrelentingly Farts into a Zippo Flame to Offset “All Them No Good Indie Rock Eco-Queers”

Nature is important to Okkervil River. Whether they're staring catatonically in their favorite forest or nervously chatting in their outdoor breakfast nook, these folky bros love the earth and plan to keep it in decent shape for awhile, or at least until their contractor finally installs that damn oven and range in the wildflower patch. So in an effort to save the planet, Okkervil River are going green across the country in support of their new album The Stand Ins (TMT Review) in what they hope will be a carbon neural tour.

But the O-Riv can't achieve carbon neutrality all on their lonesome. They need you, the fans, the, dare I say, heroes, to pitch in and lend a hand for Mother Gaia. Since 80% of a tour's carbon-dioxide emissions come from commuting fans, the band are encouraging you to take the bus, carpool with friends, or hop on your hoverboard to your local Okker show. Community bike rides have already been organized in Madison, Portland, Tempe, and Athens, with more to come. The band will also be selling recycled stickers, which will offset 300 pounds of CO2 emissions with each purchase.

In addition, the band is planning to.... actually, that's their entire plan. So really, Okkervil River haven't made their tour carbon neutral, they're just encouraging you to be environmentally responsible with your ride to the venue and maybe buy their eco-friendly merchandise. But, whatever, their hearts seem to be in the right place. Good for them, and good for you if you plan to follow their good advice. Good for all, I say!

The Stand Ins is available now on Jagjaguwar or for a limited time as a free stream on the band's MySpace. The tour kicks off tonight in Lawrence, KS, so get on that hoverboard and start kickin'. But don't use that thing on water... unless you got pow-ah.

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