One More Reason to Wish You Had Disposable Income: Futuresonic Announces Headliners RZA and Wire

As spring sets in and summer festival fever starts to take hold of the UK, Manchester's Futuresonic festival reveals the first additions to this year's lineup. The festival, which runs from May 1-5, will feature performances from Mike Paradinas (you know him as µ-Ziq) Venetian Snares, Luke Vibert, Flying Lotus, Chrome Hoof, The Chap, Dirty Projectors, Gay Against You, Rolo Tomassi, and so much more! In this case, the "more" in question consists of headlining performances from the Wu Tang Clan's RZA as Bobby Digital and legendary post-punks Wire. But the fun doesn't stop there! OH NO IT DOESN'T. Because, you see, Futuresonic is not just about music -- it's also about art, learnin', and FUN.

Futuresonic gives props to music and digital culture through a series of conferences with experts, big-wigs, and assorted movers ‘n’ shakers from both fields. Expect intellectual stimulation from "media futurist" Gerd Leonhard, "gaming academic" Aleks Krotoski, and a whole slew of fun, smart people. And around the city there will be art and art experiments! There's just too much to describe. Besides, the laundromat where I wash my clothes and steal free wireless from the adjacent apartment building smells terrible, so I need to leave as soon as possible, but the Futuresonic website has extensive information. Now if only the festival provided ticket scholarships for unemployed former graduate students, it would be PERFECT.

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