Oneida Drop Triple-Disc LP Rated O As Part Two of Thank Your Parents Triptych, Tour, Podcast, Come Up With More Badass Nicknames

Haven't heard from Fat Bobby, Baby Hanoi Jane, and Kid Millions -- collectively known as the kraut-punk camp Oneida -- since last August's Preteen Weaponry (TMT Review), but the band was evidently serious about the three-part album series known as Thank Your Parents, as the second, three-disc installment, Rated O now has a definitive July 7 release date, courtesy of Jagjaguwar.

If you've got a jonesin' to grip new songs off the forthcoming album, you can hear a podcast (zomg intarwebz!!1) previewing the album (including "commentary, insight, and explanations into the album's] inner-workings") through iTunes. Click [this to check it out, and, through the magic of modern technology, it will automatically launch your iTunes app.

Rated O tracklisting:

1.1. Brownout In Lagos

1.2. What’s Up, Jackal?

1.3. 10:30 at the Oasis

1.4. Story of O

1.5. The Human Factor
2.1. The River
2.2. I Will Haunt You
2.3. The Life You Preferred
2.4. Ghost in the Room
2.5. Saturday
2.6. It Was a Wall
2.7. Luxury Travel
3.1. O
3.2. End of Time
3.3. Folk Wisdom

Finally, Oneida will celebrate Rated O's droppage this July with a handful of stateside dates and some European ones, too. The domestic shows will feature some big ballaz -- Amps For Christ, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Wooden Shjips, and more:
07.10.09 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's
07.11.09 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill #
07.12.09 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex &
07.24.09 - Brooklyn, NY - Todd P Event - TBA %
07.25.09 - Medford, MA - Outside the Lines Studio %
07.26.09 - New Haven, CT - BAR
08.07.09 - Kutna Hora, CZ- Art Festival
08.08.09 - Berlin, GER - Berlin Festival
08.09.09 - Scheer, GER - Klangbad Festival
08.14.09 - Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso
08.15.09 - Tilburg, NL - TBC

# Wooden Shjips, Jonas Reinhardt

& Amps for Christ, Clipd Beaks

% Sunburned Hand of the Man

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