Oneohtrix Point Never Gets Stoked on Back to the Future Trilogy; Decides to Try Own Hand At That Whole Trilogy Thing; No Fun Issues Rifts

The idea of going backwards to a point in time that is forwards is a hard thing to grasp. I could probably write a 17-page article on the idea of going back to a time that has not yet existed. It boggles my mind! Anyway, here's my point: this all reminds me of the music of Daniel Lopatin's Oneohtrix Point Never. At first listen, you get the vibe that this music might be 30 years old, yet the music itself hones in on sounds from 70s- and 80s-era visions of the future. Indeed, Oneohtrix Point Never is simultaneously referencing music of the past and of the future, like, you know, the movie Back to the Future.

Okay, this'll probably make more sense once you listen to his latest release, Rifts. Due tomorrow, November 17, on No Fun Productions, the double-disc album is actually composed of remastered editions of three previously released records, Betrayed in the Octagon, Zones Without People, and Russian Mind. All three originally came out in limited, vinyl-only pressings on No Fun and Arbor and were made up of selections from "rare and out-of-print cassette and CD-R releases, with recordings spanning as far back as 2003." Rifts, according to the publicist, sees Lopatin "developing his unabashed worship of the analog poly-synth as a free standing musical apparatus towards a fully realized OPN world of sound; at once incorporating synth prog, modern noise, early techno, drone, minimalism and computer music."

Alright, alright, you get the idea, right? So, as the great Biff Tannen once said, "Why don't you make like a tree and get outta here!"

Rifts tracklisting:

Disc 1:

1. Behind the Bank
2. Eyeballs
3. Betrayed in the Octagon
4. Woe is the Transgression
5. Parallel Minds
6. Laser to Laser
7. Woe Is The Transgression II
8. Computer Vision
9. Format & Journey North
10. Zones Without People
11. Learning To Control Myself
12. Disconnecting Entirely
13. Emil Cioran
14. Hyperdawn

Disc 2:

1. Months
2. Physical Memory
3. Grief and Repetition
4. Russian Mind
5. Actual Air
6. Immanence
7. Lovergirls Precinct
8. Ships Without Meaning
9. Terminator Lake
10. Transmat Memories
11. A Pact Between Strangers
12. When I Get Back From New York
13. I Know Its Taking Pictures From Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)

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