Oneohtrix Point Never news bonanza! New album Returnal in June, multichannel art piece, tourdates, and eternal vow to top the TMT year-end list

Oneohtrix Point Never news bonanza! New album Returnal in June, multichannel art piece, tourdates, and eternal vow to top the TMT year-end list

Last year, Oneohtrix Point Never (a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin) put out a record of (pretty awesome) futuristic synthesizer music called Zones Without People. A lot of people really liked Zones Without People; in fact, some even said it was their fourth favorite record of 2009. While honored, Lopatin feels a little slighted by the mere fourth-place finish. In a (completely fictional) interview with me (again, I’ve never talked to the man), Lopatin had the following to say (I am making this up): “Animal Collective? Shmanimal Collective! Dirty Projectors? More like Smelly Projectors That Nobody Likes Because They Smell Bad. sunn 0)))? Excuse me, I think you mean Sunn :(.” Harsh words. (Go here if you want to see actual words from the guy.)

Anyway, to take a shot at this year’s coveted Tiny Mix Tapes Crown, Lopatin’s putting out a new record called Returnal on June 18 via Editions Mego. And if you’re really pumped about the idea of new Oneohtrix Point Never, Edition Mego’s site states that pre-order copies will ship out late May, making you the first kid on your block to own Returnal. The eight-song album’s tracklist can be seen below.

Aside from making Returnal, Lopatin has evidently been quite busy as of late. The man has created a multichannel piece for Anne Hilde Neset’s Sonic Tank exhibit at Tou Scene in Stavanger, Norway. The piece is called “The Martinettis Bring Home A Desiring Machine,” which runs for about 30 minutes and is comprised completely of material from a Mac Performa infomercial. On his site, Lopatin says he’ll never actually see the thing himself and urges you, if you’re in the Stavanger area, to “be his avatar.” So, go ahead, be his avatar. While we’re on the subject of Mr. Lopatin’s recent creations, he’s also made a video for oOoOO’s song “Seaww,” which can be viewed over at EMOTION.

Lastly, Oneohtrix Point Never is going on tour over the next few months. Joining Mr. Lopatin on his synthesizer journeys will be fairly like-minded folks like Emeralds and Tomutonttu. Many of the dates for the Oneohtrix/Tomutonttu tour do not yet have a venue listed, but let it be known that, if you live in any of the cities listed, those two are playing, well, somewhere in your town. Be on the lookout.

Returnal tracklist:

01. Nil Admirari
02. Describing Bodies
03. Stress Waves
04. Returnal
05. Pelham Island Road
06. Where Does Time Go
07. Ouroboros
08. Preyouandi

Oneeohtrix Point Never dates:

04.18.10 - Madrid, Spain - La Casa Encendida &
04.22.10 - Barcelona, Spain - Obra Social Cajamadrid &
04.23.10 - Virgo, Spain - Festival Sinsal
04.24.10 - Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB &
05.27.10 - Brighton, UK - Venue pending ^
05.28.10 - Nottingham, UK - Venue pending ^
05.29.10 - Glasgow, UK - Venue pending^
05.30.10 - Leeds, UK - Venue pending ^
05.31.10 - London, UK - Cargo ^
06.02.10 - Paris, France - La Geode (Vilette Sonique Festival)

& Emeralds
^ Tomonttu

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