Oneohtrix Point Never puts down the CGI fishbone and preps new album Replica

Oneohtrix Point Never puts down the CGI fishbone and preps new album Replica

Though the masses were beating on his door for months, chanting at his concerts and holding up signs, begging for at least one blooper reel with outtakes of him eating CGI food, Oneohtrix Point Never a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin looked inside himself, reevaluated his core beliefs, and ultimately decided that he wouldn’t let himself get pigeonholed as “the guy who ate animated hot dogs in a fake jungle with a fake dragonfly looking on and another guy with a ponytail eating even more animated food.” Sure, the girls in the front row at Ford & Lopatin shows screaming at him to “bring out the spinning pizza” were nice enough, and he did have a spinning CGI pizza that he kept with the road crew, but what would that mean for his legacy? The moving finger points at a polygon shaped like french fries, and having pointed, moves on.

And so, O.P. Never hauled his gear into the Mexican Summer studio to start work on the follow-up to last year’s Returnal (TMT Review) — if only to take his mind off the flood of offers from animation studios in his inbox, where they’ve detailed pivotal scenes in their films where a bearded man is called on to consume hundreds of pounds of food suspended in the air. Along with his wide array of synthesizers, dials, knobs, buttons, attack/decay boosters, sawtooth wave massagers, and flange-control gels, OPN brought along some “lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement compilations.” Apparently this will be used as the basis for a 10-track song cycle about memory, gaseous clouds, spectral mapping, the mirror stage, flawless spheres, regret, acid reflux, generational disconnect, aloe vera, other lotions, and hormonal reverb. Other things that are actually promised with this new album and not just made up include “darker, propulsive terrains using samplers, analog filtering, tape manipulation, acoustic piano, plate reverb and sub-frequencies.”

The name of the album is Replica, the label that will put it out is Software, and it comes out November 8. We’re done here.

Replica tracklisting:

01. Andro
02. Sleep Dealer
03. Power of Persuasion
04. Remember
05. Replica
06. Nassau
07. Submersible
08. Up
09. Child Soldier
10. Explain

Live dates:

09.08.11 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Fest
10.06.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - FRKWYS Borden Ensemble @ Carnegie Melon
10.28.11 - Asheville, NC - Moogfest

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